Words from the founder

After moving to the New Orleans area, I was impressed by the sharing culture noticeable almost everywhere. People share a big pile of crawfish in restaurants and at parties; A king cake is always made big enough for several people to share; The old fashined streetcars are often packed. One time I was aboard a Mardi Gras float throwing out those throws, I was really overwhelmed and inspired by the sharing at such a large scale.

Since New Orleans is world-known for its food, through the recommendations from local friends I have tried out many restaurants and enjoyed the distinctively indigenous cuisine. Meanwhile I have hosted many friends visiting the city from around the world, individually or with family. Sometime it's a Dutch treat lunch or dinner.

With constantly struggling to find good places to dine on vacations, I gradually formed this thought: create an online platform for people to share their knowledge about local restaurants through restaurant recommendation and Dutch treat dining. As seafood is the most demanded course, I named it Fishfly.club. Every signed-up user is a member of the club, and benefits from the growth of the club. The guides, who list their favorite restaurants or post their Dutch treat dining invitations, benefit from their sharing efforts as well.

Unlike those business-oriented listing sites, Fishfly.club lets customers like you list their favorite restaurants, and the most popular ones stand out. This leads to every good restaurant is listed at the end. While the walking distance restaurants search is free, when searching by city the users pay a slight fee to the guide's sharing effort, which ensures the club sustainable on its own, so guarantees a trustworthy searching result for every user.

If you are enthusiastic about food, please become a guide in the club!

Enjoy your food, and have fun!

Grant Qi