Welcome to Fishfly.club, a free online platform encouraging sharing, where you can list your favorite restaurants to help others find delicious food, or further through a Dutch treat (paying one's own expense) dining at restaurant provide in-person course selecting service to those who are interested, in return you are rewarded with income while having fun!

Many incentives are going on, don't miss out, BECOME A GUIDE NOW!

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Two ways to become a guide:

1. List your favorite restaurants

The favorites are your recommendations

People search and select your recommendation

If search by city, People pay you $3 in gratitude*

If free walking distance search, Club pays you 3 cents

People go to the restaurant on their own

2. Post a Dutch treat dining invitation

You outline on-site guiding service

People request to book your service

You decide who is accepted

The accepted pays you $15*

You two work out a schedule

Enjoy the food and make friends!

* After deducted 15.9% of each payment for transaction cost and club service, the rest is saved into your Fishbin - the digital wallet for your account. Your earnings in Fishbin can be withdrawn annually.