Privacy Policy

Every user is a member of the Fishfly Club (hereinafter, "the club"). Protecting every member's personal identification information is as important as protecting the property of the club. The club will never sell any of your information.


Information You Provide:

Device Information. Information from your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc) including device specific identifiers, IP address, browser settings, etc help provide you with personalized experiences.

Information from Cookies and Other Technologies. A cookie is a small text file written to your device via the web browser, with information that can be used to uniquely identify you. Cookies and other technologies are used on our website to store and receive identifiers and other essential information in order to provide the services you request.


Third parties may receive information about you as follows:

Other Users: To encourage a culture of sharing, your friends on the social section can directly see your posts/comments, your activities on the website and a brief bio about your general information and your rating in the club. Therefore they can communicate with you and benefit from your experiences on vacation or in neighborhood. Non-friend users can only see your comments to a common friend's posts or activities, then they can check your brief bio to see if you two know each other.

Advertisers: The club only allows the businesses that you list as your favorites to advertise on your timeline. They are shared with only aggregate information such as the number of users that have been exposed to advertisements.

Service-Providing guides: When you order a Dutch treat dining service, the club provides the guide and you each other's contact information to allow the direct communication between you two.

Payment Gateway Services: The club only provides them the necessary information to complete the transactions.

Legal Process and Law Enforcement: The club may disclose information required by law for legal and other purposes.


Provide with the club only the information that you are comfortable to share with; Do not include personally identifiable information in the content you post publicly; Only list your truly enjoyed favorites; Only request or confirm friends to a person you really know and are willing to share your experiences with.


If any material change is made to this policy you will be noticed before the change takes effect. By continuing to access after the change becomes effective, you agree to the revised policy.

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